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Open-plan stables, Loose boxes

More freedom of movement for your horses in open-plan stabling.

In the wild, horses live together in herds. Even though herds have not roamed freely in our latitudes for many, many years, horses still like to stay together in a communal band. For this reason, we at SCHLOSSER have developed concepts for stable facilities in which horses can move freely around: in the "loose barn stable" for horses.

Such an open-plan stable allows horses enough room to withdraw from the group and be on their own for a while or to avoid conflicts. Ideally, separate areas are set aside for feeding, drinking, play and rest. We achieve this by installing "barriers" specifically for this purpose, which the horses must circumvent to access the respective area. This also allows lower-ranking horses to eat in peace etc.

For the open-plan stable we also offer automatic feeding systems that can be activated by transponders, thus ensuring that fodder quantities can be electronically adapted to the respective needs of the animal. In this way, horses can follow their natural dispositions and consume several "small meals" distributed over the day without being exposed to the food envy of companions.

Even though free stabling is a very agreeable way of accommodating horses, it is not always suitable for every type of equestrian operation. We would be happy to advise and assist you in finding the best solution for your situation.