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SCHLOSSER - Bauen mit Holz
SCHLOSSER - Bauen mit Holz
SCHLOSSER - Bauen mit Holz
SCHLOSSER - Bauen mit Holz
SCHLOSSER - Bauen mit Holz

Indoor riding arena construction

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Safety kick walls

For every arena its own type of kick wall.

The safety kick wall is the largest piece of "furnishing" in your indoor riding school and takes centre stage from the optical perspective. For this reason, we at SCHLOSSER have developed three entirely different designs and types of kick wall. A solution to suit every taste.

Safety kick wall: SPORTSTER
SPORTSTER is our standard design kick wall. As with all our kick walls, the robust, solid lumber construction is designed to withstand direct kicks and prevent hooves from breaking through the siding. Supplemented with the practical, patented "Aufstieg-Profi" mounting aid and the desired number of sliding doors, you can adapt the wall to your own specific requirements.

Safety kick wall: UP-DOWN
In contrast to the SPORTSTER design, this SCHLOSSER kick wall extends right down to the floor of the riding arena. This has the practical advantage of preventing the footing from accumulating below the kick wall. In optical respect, the design has a calming effect and blends in harmoniously with the overall appearance of the arena.

Safety kick wall: SINUS
This kick wall is adapted to the shape of the horse's body. In cross-section, the rounded profile is similar in form to a water drop and in its entirety makes a very elegant optical impression. An eye-catching addition to the wide variety of decorative elements offered by SCHLOSSER interior arena fittings. The SCHLOSSER "Aufstieg-Profi" mounting aid is also available for this kick wall.