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Vacuum manure removal

Practical removal of manure.

Vacuum manure removal is a true innovation in the riding stable. The manure is transported to the designated manure heap by suction. The pipelines are installed in the floor. Branches, inclinations and curves are surmounted without problem. The pipeline technology allows a wide variety of routing options. The central suction system with all the technology is located in an easily accessible area and does not come into contact with the dung, so that the unit is not subject to wear or soiling from this source. Stones, horseshoes or other foreign bodies cannot damage the system. The suction lid, which is installed in the floor of the horse stall, can be easily reached but does not pose a risk of injury to the horse.

It goes without saying that the system can be installed in any new horse stable made by SCHLOSSER. We would be happy to provide further information.